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Passion Turned to business – 2

Passion Turned to business – 2

Here are some more startups that turned their passion into businesses:

BiziBean was founded by Aharnish, Raj Singh, and Manideep Chhokra. It is a chain of coffee shops where different types of coffee are available. One can take the coffee to their homes as well.

The founders started this venture with their passion. It was started as a B2B business in the roast and ground coffee segment. But later they decided to enter into the retail segment with an investment of ₹5 lakh.

Now, BiziBean has 11 outlets in Delhi NCR, and three stores, 37 concession stands across the country. The startup sells coffee through its website as well. It wants to extend its outlets to 80 by March 2020 and 150 by March 2021. The company is seeking an external source of funds for its growth plans.

Make It Happen was founded by Maria Victor. She is a travel lover and an adventurist. She used to go on treks and short weekend getaways when she was working in Mumbai and Dubai.

She started Make It Happen as a travel club to connect with like-minded travellers and curate thematic tours. But, after a couple of years, she started her Goa project full time.

The cost varies per each person ranging from ₹700 and ₹3,500. The trip lasts for two to six hours. The company has more than 5,000 bookings so far and travellers are enjoying the great experience.

Vowelor was founded by Manik Ghawri and Lalit Sharma. The two friends are book lovers. Vowelor is a good platform where readers can connect and discuss books. Here authors can also connect, exhibit and market their publications.  

Initially, it was started as a Facebook page, and a Facebook community. But, with an overwhelming response of 80,000 members, the founders decided to commence a startup and founded Vowelor Books & Media in 2017.

Vowelor has a website and an Android application. More than 5,000 people downloaded the application. The company also plans to launch an iOS application soon.

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