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Order mango trees from WhatsApp

Order mango trees from WhatsApp

The internet is a place where you can order many different things. But, have you ever ordered a tree? Have you ever even heard of such a concept? But now, you can get a mango tree via internet really easily.

Mohammad Miyan, a farmer from Mujasa village from Lucknow has come up with this unique idea. The area he lives in is famous for tasty mangoes in the country.

As summer is fast approaching, he decided to start a service where people can order mango trees using just WhatsApp.

He saw how e-commerce was blooming and thought of using it for mango trees. While fruits and vegetables can be bought online, the idea of buying a tree online is new.

Mohammad says that since other websites can do business online, he thought he can as well. With that, he started growing mango trees around two years ago. As a result, the trees can now give maximum fruit yield and are in top notch condition.

He made sure to raise only the best of best trees, ensuring that they remain healthy no matter what.

At present, he is only delivering the trees in Lucknow and Delhi but he wants to expand his business to other nearby districts and states as well.

Order mango trees from WhatsApp

Order mango trees from WhatsApp


The idea is simple, the customer who wants a tree will have to make an order via WhatsApp. Mohammad will then ensure delivery of the tree to the doorstep of the person.

The trees are about two years old. This means they will be able to yield about six mangoes per season.

Since the trees are young, they are about four- or five-feet high. The cost of having these trees delivered can range between ₹2,000 and ₹3,000.

He has about 100 trees planted and ready for this year. The orders will start from end of May this year.

The number to order a tree via WhatsApp message is: 09559508020.

Image Reference: Mango, TheBetterIndia

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