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OnwardHealth – Post surgery services

OnwardHealth – Post surgery services

After surgeries, the patients need utmost care. There is a lot of responsibility to be taken.

Dinesh Koka, the founder of OnwardHealth saw this problem. When his mother underwent a total knee replacement surgery, he saw how hard it was for her to keep up with the doctor’s instructions.

There were many medicines and sheets of papers with reports to manage, and exercises to do.

Dinesh further researched that on an average, people who stick to their post-surgery routine is at a low 55 to 60 percent.

It was then he thought to help post-surgery patients keep up with the doctor’s instructions to get better quickly.

In September 2016, he started OnwardHealth.

Talking about the idea for the app, Dinesh says that their research team found various factors that affect patient adherence. These include stress, isolation, and lack of information.

It is a software which helps patients who had a surgery easily follow their discharge instructions and doctor’s advice.

The software has a simple and easy to communication platform so patients can stay in touch with their care network.

The software app works with an easy to use interface and helps patients plan important things like medication, exercise and diet.

OnwardHealth – Post surgery services

OnwardHealth – Post surgery services


It provides the patients with timely reminders and alerts at the designated time. It provides all details needed to complete the activity as well.

OnwardHealth also has a caregiver app. It helps the caregiver easily monitor how well the patient is sticking to the routine.

There is also a doctors’ app that comes with it. As the name suggests, it helps the doctor monitor their patient remotely.

The doctors can monitor the patient activity and also get a real-time health status like blood pressure, BP, HR, blood glucose etc.

At present the company is still bootstrapping expecting to get many hospitals as clients.

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