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Online Live learning – An Edtech Marketplace

Online Live learning – An Edtech Marketplace

Age is not a criterion if you have strong zeal and dedication to achieve anything. This 15-year-old boy is an instance of that. He launched an edtech marketplace for teachers and students.

Shreyaan Daga founded Online Live Learning (OLL) along with Bhumika Sharma, Kushal Ghosh, and Payal Pandit.

The pandemic in the country forced many schools and educational institutions to conduct online classes. Several edtech startups emerged to meet the demand of the present situation.

Shreyaan Daga, a class 10 student is one among them, who understood the importance of online education in the country.

Online Live Learning is an edtech marketplace. This Mumbai based startup connects teachers and students. Anyone can teach or learn on this platform.

Shreyaan’s father has a training institute. However, it was closed due to COVID-19. Moreover, many teachers lost their jobs due to the shutdown of schools. In this scenario, Shreyaan wanted to launch a marketplace for teachers and students. He borrowed from his father for his startup. He began his venture with a team of people who believed in him.

Teachers from all over the country can offer the courses in which they have experience. Students can learn these courses by registering with them. There are many courses like marketing, finance, coding, designing etc. on OLL.

While the target of OLL is students aged between 6 to 20, anyone can use this platform. OLL wants to use automation to reduce human errors and improve user experience.

Teachers have to offer demo classes to students. After that, they can add their desired courses. Students can join live classes. OLL has 81 members. Among them, 70 are freelancers and seven are permanent members.

OLL generates revenue through three modes. First is certification workshops for students. Second one revenue-sharing model for operations on the OLL market and third is organizational training module. Under this, they provide training to organizations on specific skills. Their average monthly revenue is ₹24 lakhs.

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