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Avishkaar – An EdTech Company

Avishkaar – An EdTech Company

Avishkaar is earlier known as Avishkaar Box. It is an EdTech company. Its learning programs are fun-filled activities for children. They provide students hand-on experience with their technical kits.  

Avishkaar is a Delhi based startup. It was founded by Tarun Bhalla. Its Robotics Programs helps school children to strengthen their school education.

Many of the worlds’ greatest things have been achieved by the constant efforts of people without stopping them even after failure. Considering this aspect, Avishkaar encourages students to bring out their innovative skills with their kits.

Four types of programs have been provided by Avishkaar. These include: Coders club, mechanical modelling club, programmers club and tinkerers club.

In Coders club, children can have the fun and exciting activities using the Avishkaar Robby Kit.

Mechanical modelling club helps students to design, build, test and improve using their INTRO kit and LITE kit.

Programmers club boosts the knowledge of children to design programmable robots with Avishkaar Kit- Robotronics FULL.

Tinkerers club enables student to perform advanced programs like engineering, coding, problem solving etc.

Avishkaar programs benefit both the students and schools.

Students who use Avishkaar will be benefited in the following way:

  • They can understand the concepts easily as they can learn things practically.
  • Their problem solving skills and analytical skills will be improved.
  • Students will become keen observers.
  • Their logical thinking will be developed.
  • They can have clarity of thoughts.
  • They can explore new technologies.
  • Collaboration and teamwork will be improved.
  • Their personality and organization skills will also be enriched.

Schools that use Avishkaar will be benefited in the following way:

  • They can adapt new teaching methodologies.
  • Their digital equity will be improved.
  • Faculty will be better in their professional development via extensive training.
  • Schools can develop economically.



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