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Ninjacart – bringing farmers’ produce to shops directly

Ninjacart – bringing farmers’ produce to shops directly

Ninjacart is an online platform which enables retailers and merchants to find fruits and vegetables directly from the farmers. This removes the need for middlemen. The platform also gives an efficient price discovery platform for the farmers.

Ninjacart is helpful for both retailers and farmers because of its efficient supply chain. It was started in May 2015. It was started as a hyper-local grocery delivery company. However, the founders realized after six months of operation that the backend supply chain of fruits and vegetables was broken.

In December 2015, the company changed the model to become a full-fledged Business to Business (B2B) marketplace.

The founders of Ninjacart saw that a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits were going to waste in typical markets. In fact, it was found in a 2011 report by a UN body, wastage of fruits and vegetables is as high as 45 percent of produce for developing Asian countries like India.

Ninjacart is funded by Accel Partners, Qualcomm Ventures, M&S Partners (Singapore) and Zop Smart. They have two distribution centers. They also put up several collection centers across villages surrounding Bangalore. Currently, Ninjacart serves in several areas in Bangalore. They are also planning to expand their distribution in Bangalore and also reach Chennai and Hyderabad as well.

Ninjacart is helpful in all stakeholders getting profits. Farmers can sell their produce at a better price without a middleman. Payment is done through a bank transfer. They even escape from dealing with uncertainties of price. Ninjacart sends their vehicles along with crates to farmer locations to bring goods to their collection centers without charging them.

Even shopkeepers and restaurants benefit by getting good quality vegetables and fruits at lesser prices than the market.

In order to educate and increase awareness among farmers, Ninjacart holds seminars on working of the market and fair pricing.

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