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Nayi Disha makes learning fun

Nayi Disha makes learning fun

Nayi Disha Studios is a startup that helps preschool children by building educational computer games and makes learning fun.

These games are mainly based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences. They use motion based technology so that children can learn through their respective learning styles like watching, listening and moving.

Nayi Disha Studios was founded by Kartik Aneja and Kushal Bhagia, the graduates from BITS-Pilani.

Nayi Disha was started in Bangalore as a solo project by Kartik who built and tested the concept. Then Kushal and Kunal joined with him which led to the formation of Nayi Disha Studios.

Nayi Disha Studios designed Kaju, an animated character for primary school kids. Using this character, children are taught not just safety tips, but also the main aspects of primary education including the basics of science and mathematics.

Many educational games use 2-D animation. Moreover, they are less interactive. Whereas the products of Nayi Disha Studios claim to use 3-D animation as they utilize Microsoft’s Kinect. This enables the kids to be more interactive which gives more pleasure to them. Kaju character jumps on the screen if the child jumps by grabbing their movements via powerful sensors.

Many schools in metropolitan cities and big towns installed their products. It is easy for them to convince school chains and sell their products to them.

Nayi Disha makes learning fun

Nayi Disha makes learning fun

However, many parents are enquiring about the product, and want the product to be installed in their homes as well to avoid over usage of TV cartoon shows which even teach unwanted things to the children.

So the company is planning to sell to homes directly in future.

It also wants to extend its services globally so that it can reach some of major areas like US, South Asia and Africa. For this, it wants to raise funds by venture capitalists.

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