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MyEasyStore helps small businesses to set up online store

MyEasyStore helps small businesses to set up online store

Due to the pandemic and its consequences, many people prefer to buy online and get their products home-delivered. However, it is not possible to set up online shops for small business owners like street food vendors and local players.

To help them, two friends launched a startup, MyEasyStore. Hirdyesh Mordani and Sanju Bhambhani launched this startup during the nationwide lockdown to help SMB owners to run their businesses hassle-free.

Before launching MyEasyStore, Hirdyesh served orders to customers through a cloud kitchen. He also partnered with Zomato, Swiggy etc., to send the orders. But during the lockdown, he had to close his cloud kitchen and started taking orders from his home. He felt it difficult to manage the situation and answer the questions flooded from his customers. 

He wanted to do something. Then he met his childhood friend Sanju Bhambhani and asked him to build a microsite to post answers to the questions of his customers while ordering. The microsite solved their problem.

Then, Hirdyesh realized that many small business owners were facing similar difficulty in continuing their business. He again met Sanju. The duo decided to launch MyEasyStore to help SMB owners. Any business can set up their personalized online store within a few minutes on this platform.

They can receive orders from customers directly on WhatsApp and sell their goods or services online easily. The business owners can use their portal and get updates on the orders placed.  There is a payment gateway facility also for the customers to pay for their orders. However, there is no logistics facility. Hence, SMB owners have to take care of the delivery process.

MyEasyStore does not involve with this process. So, SMB owners can use this platform without any fear.

MyEasyStore offers two plans, basic and premium. While the basic plan is available for ₹399, the premium plan is for ₹699 per month.

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