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MyDreamStore – easy way to sell your products

MyDreamStore - easy way to sell your products

MyDreamStore is a Hyderabad based startup. It helps creators sell their products in an easy way. Creators sell their products including T-shirts, hoodies, vests, mobile cases, coffee mugs, etc. without having any inventory or any upfront cost.

It was started by two NIT Allahabad graduates Satish Bala and Karthik Venkat. The startup takes care of production, packaging, delivery of the item to the buyer, customer queries, refunds and risks associated with return orders.

Creators also receive free design support. The startup also partnered with several other vendors for demand surges and to manufacture special products.

MyDreamStore takes a standard fee of Rs 325 per unit based on the type of the product and print requirement. That fee includes manufacturing cost, packaging, delivery, handling charges and profit margins.

The two made the Beta version of MyDreamStore in September 2014. They raised an angel fund of $300,000 in January 2015.

Retailers who want to sell online generally have to forecast the quantities, sizes and invest on procuring inventory. Then they get them printed and stock them.

The motto of MyDreamStore is that risk is minimized by giving sellers the access to scalable technology, risk-free inventory management, seamless operations, well-defined product and marketing strategy.

MyDreamStore has around 45 employees. At present, they already extended their services to Bengaluru, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata. The startup claims to be doing 30,000 transactions per month. It aims to reach 100,000 transactions per month by January 2017.

Karthik says that the current annual revenue of the startup is Rs 30 crore. The duo is expecting that the revenue will reach Rs 40 crore for the current Financial Year. They are expecting 20,000 active sellers over the next couple of years. This will increase the drive sales around Rs 200 crore in the coming two years or so.


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