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mGuru helps improve literacy and numeracy

mGuru helps improve literacy and numeracy

mGuru is a learning app for K-5 students that mainly focuses on English and Maths. The app engages students to learn interactively.

Adam Korakhiwala is the founder of mGuru. He wanted to do something for the students when the 2014 ASER report stated that only one student among four students of Class V can read basic English sentences.

mGuru is a Mumbai based ed-tech startup aimed at the K-12 students in rural as well as urban areas of India.

Observing how the smartphones are reaching many households of India, he wanted to develop a mobile application to reach students.

Before entering the market, he studied the classroom environment by interacting with different stakeholders in the school.

He interviewed students, teachers and parents to know their responses. He also spent some time in Mumbai classrooms after which his seed of an idea germinated.

mGuru helps children improve their literacy and numeracy.

The team of mGuru considers various things including internet connectivity issues while designing.

The app is designed in such a way to function well on a low-end smartphone as well and it functions largely without internet so that there won’t be any troubles for most users in the country.

Before releasing its final version, the app was tested with 100 public school students in Mumbai. The team was very much keen on knowing which features attracted the children more and which were ignored by them.

After multiple rounds, the app was completely designed and released in late 2016.

During their research, mGuru people realized that almost all the parents are sending their children to tuitions after school to improve their skills by paying a lot of money.

Then, the team thought why parents won’t be interested to use their app by paying only ₹30 per month and thus reached many parents.

mGuru contains over 185,000 activities and is being used by 17,000 students across the country.

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