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Lisn – stream music live with your friends

Lisn – stream music live with your friends

Lisn is a music streaming app. If you are wondering what is so special about that, the app lets you stream music live with your friends. With Lisn, you and your friends can enjoy a collaborative music experience and listen to songs in real-time.

The app is integrated with Spotify and Soundcloud so that users can pick the song they want. When two users are online, they can listen to the song synced perfectly. They can easily enjoy music together and even build a playlist of recommendations in the process.

Lisn would also be upgraded with new features as well. They are collecting feedback to improve the app. In order to facilitate more input from users, Lisn automatically adds one of the founders as a default friend onto a user’s chat list when they sign up for the first time. This way they can get real-time customer feedback and even test the scale of the product.

The app consists of three main tabs. One for chat, one of music library, and the third for the music that is currently being streamed. The app shows which of the user’s friends are online using a similar icon like the Facebook messenger – a circular lightning bolt.

Lisn’s was founded by Vibhas Jain, Abheyraj Singh, Bhargav Sosale and Abhinav. The team have previous experience with developing products in the startup space. They previously worked at companies like, Paytm and Airtel Wynk.

The startup works remotely with the team spread across Bengaluru and Delhi. The idea for the app first formed as a side-project during a hackathon in October 2015. The founders made something that ran on two phones at a time. In that, they could send music from Spotify and Soundcloud, and chat about it. That was how the app came to be as they worked on it further.

Image Reference: Techcrunch

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