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Kivu offers Sunbaked and handcrafted cookies

Kivu offers Sunbaked and handcrafted cookies

Healthy food is one of the most opted products nowadays. Whether it is a salad, juice or snack, many people look for healthy and organic food items.

While many startups offer services in this sector, new startups are emerging each day, as this sector has potential.

Startups coming up with new themes are grabbing the attention of food lovers.

Kivu is one such startup. Dr Minal Kabra, from Jalna, Maharashtra, launched it in 2019. She is a dentist. She recognized that sticky chocolates are one of the leading causes of dental caries in children. While some children ignore the fact due to their love for chocolates, many of them are not aware of it. As a result, they are suffering from dental issues.

Another thing that moved Dr Minal was the unemployment of rural women. They used to tell her about their limited finances while accompanying their children for a visit to treat their dental problems.

Then Minal decided to find out an alternative snack to sugar-based food for children. At the same time, she also wants to empower rural women.

As Minal loves sustainable living, she wants to apply it to her business also. She decided to use solar energy for her business.

She launched Kivu to offer sugar-free cookies made from various cereals like jowar, ragi, oats etc.

Before launching her startup, Minal experimented with sunbaked cookies and other snacks using her solar cooker.

Minal wants to empower women. Hence, rather than hiring them, she supported them by providing the necessary equipment for the production. She also teaches baking skills to these women. She buys products from these women and resells them in the retail market.

Minal wants to involve more women in her business and aims to create 100 clusters in different areas.

Now, Kivu makes 30 kgs of cookies every day. It clocked a revenue of around ₹33 lakhs.

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