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Kathalfy revitalizes jackfruit in urban diets

Kathalfy revitalizes jackfruit in urban diets

In a remarkable endeavour to reintroduce jackfruit into modern urban diets, Aman Chhabra, founder of Kathalfy, is revolutionizing the way this traditional fruit is consumed.

Chhabra, a Shri Ram College of Commerce alumnus, initially carved a career in the events industry.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic led him to pivot towards the food processing industry, with a special focus on the overlooked potential of jackfruit.

Realizing the vast wastage of jackfruit in India, estimated at nearly ₹2,000 crore annually, Chhabra saw an opportunity.

He aimed to transform this nutrient-rich fruit into a culinary staple and focussed on its potential. Kathalfy, his brainchild, now offers a variety of 13 ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook jackfruit products.

The products range from traditional dishes like jackfruit makhani and Lucknowi keema to innovative creations. These include jackfruit seed flour, pickles, pancake mix, vacuum-fried chips, and even chocolates.

Crafting these unique recipes was not without challenges. However, Chhabra’s dedication led him to collaborate with farmers, food scientists, and institutions.

His hands-on approach to recipe development ensured the authenticity and quality of the products.

Kathalfy stands out for its commitment to taste, nutrition, and avoidance of artificial additives.

Kathalfy’s impact extends beyond sales. It caters to over 600 orders monthly across various Indian states.

Chhabra’s philosophy is unique. He positions jackfruit not as a meat alternative but celebrates it for its inherent qualities.

This approach is evident in the brand name ‘Kathalfy’ – a blend of ‘Kathal’ (jackfruit in Hindi) and ‘Simplify’. Thus, it symbolises the brand’s mission to simplify jackfruit’s inclusion in everyday diets.

Chhabra’s journey with Kathalfy is more than just a business venture; it’s a cultural revival.

With a growing customer base, he is optimistic about the resurgence of jackfruit in Indian kitchens.

As Kathalfy continues to introduce innovative jackfruit products, it’s clear that Chhabra’s mission to bring this versatile fruit back into the limelight is just beginning. Besides, it ensures a flavorful and nutritious future for Indian cuisine.

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