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JURU Yoga offers eco-friendly mats

JURU Yoga offers eco-friendly mats

JURU Yoga mats are completely indigenous mats that are made out of jute and rubber. The startup was founded by Pooja Borker.

The word ‘JURU’ means happiness in many languages across the globe.

Juru’s journey started in 2014. Currently, this Chennai based startup has more than 4,000 users.

Juru offer five kinds of cork mats for yoga.

These cork yoga mats are completely eco-friendly. They do not have any toxic or harmful substances.

These mats are very comfortable for yoga with their fine grip, reversibility and durability features. Moreover, these are non-slip mats and are ideal for yoga.

You can wash these organic yoga mats easily by just putting under running tap water or in a bucket full of water.

There is no need of soap or chemicals to clean them. Do not put these mats in washing machine for cleaning.

You can just rub them with your hands on the surface area to clean them.

After washing it, keep it under sunlight or the fan to let it dry.

You can also clean it with a wet cloth.

You can even use these mats on the beaches; that means these mats are not damaged with sea water.

But, clean it with tap water after you use it on the beaches to get rid of salt water stains from the mats.

The company says that these mats are suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor yoga practice.

JURU Yoga offers eco-friendly mats

JURU Yoga offers eco-friendly mats

Juru Yoga offers free shipping for all deliveries in India. A specific fee is charged for shipping of international deliveries.

You can cancel your order within 24 hours of placing it.

You will get full refund, if the product has not been shipped by the company.

If the product has already been shipped, you will have the option of replacement only.

You can also return a product if you receive it in a bad condition.

You can schedule your new delivery for up to seven days from the original delivery date.

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