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Hungry Foal provides healthy snacks

Hungry Foal provides healthy snacks

Though many people like snacks, most of them are worried about the calories they provide. Weight consciousness is another thing. In this context, several of them are opting for healthy snacks.

In order to provide nutritious snacks to people, Hungry Foal came into the field. It was founded by Japna Rishi Kaushik and Vivek Kaushik.

Hungry Foal is a Gurugram based startup. It claims to offer tasty, quality and affordable snacks.

This fintech company’s products are made as per the taste preferences and nutritional requirements of the customers.

Hungry Foal assures its products are protein-enriched with adequate minerals and vitamins. Various types of proteins like milk protein, soya protein, whey protein, wheat protein, rice protein, oats protein and nuts protein are used to prepare different types of snacks.

Hungry Foal which was started in a room in 2016 has expanded its business in more than 10 cities across the country.

Japna Rishi says that healthy snacks are not reaching the masses of the country. Hungry Foal aims to fill the gap.

It is selling its products in Tier II and Tier III cities. As awareness on consuming healthy food with nutrients, proteins etc. is increasing in the general population, the company focusses on them to provide at an affordable price.

Aiming to provide healthy and nutritional food products, the company entered the market. It is looking for partners to address nutritional challenges across India and the world.

People including social innovators, social venture capitalists, angel investors, donors, service providers and others that support the aim of the company are welcomed.

With its efforts, the company acquired investments for business growth. Singapore-based Madison Capital funded the company for product development, scaling the distribution, and building the brand. The amount of the fund was undisclosed.

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