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Navratri snacks you can try

Navratri snacks you can try

This Navratri, try these delicious snacks to add a different flavor to your festival.

Prepare these mouthwatering snacks and impress your friends and relatives.

These snacks are simple and use fewer ingredients to prepare but have a great taste.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at these snacks.



Aloo chat

Aloo chat is a very famous dish and preparing it is quite simple too. Adding a topping of onions will make it even more delicious.


These are another great snack item you can prepare for this Navratri. The only tricky part is preparing the mix for it. Frying them in the right temperature is also important. Stop frying when they turn brown.


One of the most famous Indian snack items, samosas are loved by almost everyone. They are made with Maida and various vegetables of choice. You can prepare any stuffing you want for the samosa as per your choice.

Masala Vada

This is a very famous south Indian snack. It is prepared in most households for many festivals. These vadas are made with lentils and are good for health too.

Banana Chips

These chips are very famous in Kerala and preparing them is not too tough either. They make a great side dish for many foods.

Sabudana cutlets

Sabudana is one of the most important items for doing vrat. This makes sabudana cutlets a great snack suitable for Navratri celebrations. Those who are fasting can include this recipe for snacks.

Mirchi Bajji

The spicy and tangy flavor of the Mirchi Bajji makes it a perfect snack item for almost any occasion. That includes Navratri too. Using dips to eat the Mirchi will only make it that much better.

Baby corn fry

They are also quite easy to make and offer a lot of nutrition. One can use dips to improve the taste.

Sweet corn masala

Sweet corn is a great healthy snack. It is quite suitable for those who are fasting.

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