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Hopcharge – Modern EV charging station

Hopcharge - Modern EV charging station

Many vehicle owners are opting for electric vehicles due to skyrocketing fuel prices. Their usage has been growing in the country for the past few years.

However, compared to other countries, the growth in the usage of electric vehicles in India is slower. One of the main reasons for this is the unavailability of vehicle chargers and fast-charging stations.

To address these issues, these people came up with a solution. Arjun Singh is a BITS Pilani alumnus. He launched Hopcharge, a modern electric vehicle charging station.  IIT Delhi alumnus Saurabh Rohilla also joined Arjun.

Hopcharge is a Gurugram-based startup. It offers on-demand EV charging services to electric vehicle owners at their doorsteps. It has mobile charging infrastructure that enables rapid charging. It minimizes expenses and saves time for electric vehicle (EV) owners.

Normally home chargers are slow. These AC charges consume several hours to charge a vehicle. On the other hand, public chargers are fast DC chargers. But, vehicle owners have to carry their vehicles to these stations to charge their vehicles.

The charging system of Hopcharge has portable power banks that have high charging capabilities. Thus, Hopcharge enables vehicle owners to charge their vehicles faster at their doorsteps. Thus, Hopcharge saves the productive time for vehicle owners.

Hopcharge has a mobile application. It works on both Android and iOS operating systems. Those who want to use their services can download the mobile app and request a charge after signing up with them.

While placing a request for a charge, they have to fill in all details related to their vehicles like the type of EV, the battery status, their location and convenient time for that.

EV owners can schedule a charge up to 48 hours in advance. Hopcharge offers a subscription service to its customers. The startup claims to offer its service at a lower price. EV owners need to pay around ₹3.5 per km as per the startup.

Hopcharge is planning to expand its business to many metro cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, and Hyderabad soon.

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