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HackerEarth – Helping other startups

HackerEarth – Helping other startups

HackerEarth is a Bangalore-based startup that helps other startups. They help them find programmers through technical challenges. It has raised $500,000 in seed funding from Angelprime incubator.

HackerEarth was launched in the year 2012. The founders of the company are Sachin Gupta who worked as a Google engineer and his IIT batch mate Vivek Prakash. The man aim of HackerEarth is to help India’s growth-stage startups find technical talent they thus desperately need.

The principle of HackerEarth is started because Indian startup market is in contrast to in the Silicon Valley, where several engineers still find it interesting to work for a hot startup than big companies like, IBM, or maybe a Microsoft.

However, Indian startups have to fight perception battles and work harder to draw in engineers who largely opt to work with more stable, bigger tech corporations.

The concept of HackerEarth is sort of like a GItHub, except that it’s not solely about the Open source projects.

One of the recent examples of HackerEarth’s work was about, InMobi which was looking to rent a Python and Ruby programmer desperately. HackerEarth helped it find one programmer in Taiwan. The startup currently wants to tap into Eastern Europe and different Asian markets.

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