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Growsisto helps improve your digital revenue

Growsisto helps improve your digital revenue

Establishing a startup is easier than continuing it for a long time in the market. Although many aspirants show interest in commencing a venture, they cannot sustain it for a long-term due to many reasons.

IIT Bombay graduates Kiran Patil and Pritesh Mittal also experienced difficulties when they founded an online discovery platform, Nearfox. Nearfox helps people identify discoveries in various categories like food, shopping, fashion, etc. However, they had to stop their operations due to lack of guidance and SEO consulting.

So, the duo decided to launch a startup to provide SEO services. That’s why they launched Growsisto in 2016. It is a retail eCommerce marketing and technology company.

It uses technology to drive growth to online retail brands. It helps probable entrepreneurs to improve their businesses through SEO services. Their strategies help new brands to grow on various platforms like Amazon or their own websites.

Growsisto is a Mumbai based startup. It mainly focuses on eCommerce website development, website marketing, pricing issues, counterfeit products etc. It uses consultative path.

Before designing solutions, Growsisto discusses with their clients on their business goals and growth plans. Then, they make a detailed action plan to be executed by the team. They review it month-wise. If needed, they realign the action plan. It helps them meet the needs of their clients.

In addition to that, Growsisto team will have a weekly discussion with their clients. The startup sends a clear description to their clients a day before the discussion to make it more effective. Since they develop customized solutions to meet the needs of each client, they will help grow retail businesses.

Rather than providing imaginary numbers, Growsisto set realistic targets to reach. Their collaborative approach helps their clients grow well. Growsisto works on an hourly pricing model.

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