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Grabhouse – Broker free House renting

Grabhouse – Broker free House renting

Grabhouse was founded in July 2013. It is the first Indian online rental platform which is 100 percent broker free. The purpose behind Grabhouse is to solve real estate problems through technology. The users of the website get personalized services in order to help them find suitable flats on rent along with flatmates.

Grabhouse has seen a lot of growth in the past two years. It now has a team of 100+ employees aimed at improving the user experience on the website by helping them find the right apartment and paying guests.

The conceptual idea behind the website is that they are India’s first house renting portal that offers a completely broker free platform to find houses and paying guests on rent. They aim at maintaining transparency in the system to give a unique user experience. The purpose is to make the process of online house renting less cumbersome. The website promises to give 100 percent to its customers by helping them find the best deal they can.

The team of Grabhouse focuses mainly on removing the middleman in online rental process. They believe that customers should interact directly and have complete transparency in a transaction. They have an efficient system that enables blocking of brokers or any middleman.

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