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The House Monk – A Rental Brokerage Firm

The House Monk – A Rental Brokerage Firm

The House Monk is an Indian startup based in Bengaluru. It is a real estate brokerage firm that is powered by technology. Unlike other property portals that list the properties and work as online market places, House Monk mediates rental properties listed on their site between the home owners and probable tenants. They charge service for this that varies with each case.

The properties on their website are listed either by the owners of the properties or from real estate agent with whom they have tied up. They claim that their properties are verified and provide map based interface.

Users can search their desired properties from the vast listings posted on this website. Once they shortlisted the properties House Monk associates will join and help with them till they find a suitable home. These associates are local area experts, so they can help users in finding a right home.

They help in modifying rental agreements and at the time of shifting as well. Their associates will help in buying or renting furniture or any other problems in the houses. Currently, they offer help in finding rental homes only. But, they would like to start to satisfy the home buying needs of their customers in future.

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