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Get affordable Autoes with Jugnoo

Get affordable Autoes with Jugnoo

Everyone cannot afford taxis and many middle class people who do not have their own vehicles prefer to use auto rickshaws due to their cheaper prices than cabs and availability. But, most of the times, it is hard to find autoes. Jugnoo came up to solve this issue and help passengers.

Jugnoo is a Chandigarh based startup. It was founded in 2014 by IITians as a small organisation to connect passengers who wish to travel from one place to another place in a particular city by autoes. Furthermore, this on-demand auto rickshaw app has now revolutionized hyper local commerce using auto rickshaws.

Passengers of India normally prefer commuting through local means even though they have plenty of comfortable transport choices. Hence, the main aim of this startup is to provide affordable and regular auto rides for passengers. Furthermore, they make sure that these are dependable and simple.

The usage of mobile phone is growing day-by-day in India and the country is progressing towards a digital age. Hence, many companies are providing apps for easy usage of their services. Jugnoo has also come up with app services with which customers and passengers can get required services easily. It is very simple to use their services. Just choose the pickup location and tap the phone to call the auto.

Initially, the company started with a small team, but now it has more than 300 employees and it is extending even more. In addition to providing on-demand auto rickshaw services to passengers, Jugnoo offers hyper local deliveries such as vegetables, groceries and foods using its own network of auto rickshaws.

Jugnoo assures customer satisfaction and offers auto rickshaw services at lower rates than the normal auto rides. The company claims that users can save up to 32 per cent on their total fares using their services when compared to the normal fares on autoes. At present, the company is getting more than 3,000 orders per day.

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