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Annadurai – Autor-rickshaw Driver with Creativity


Once again it has been proved that creativity can help a man reach tremendous heights. Meet Annadurai, an auto rickshaw driver who is being talked about people from many countries thanks to the creativity in his services. The services of G.Annadurai from Chennai have everything that a passenger could possibly need in an Auto. He provides several things from Wi-Fi connection to a television. The passengers can find Hindi, English and Tamil magazines and newspapers in the Auto, a television set, phone recharge facility, and a mobile charging spot.

Furthermore, he even added a Samsung tablet in his auto last year to entertain his customers. The customers can use this device while they are travelling in the Auto. He even conducts daily and monthly competitions to keep his passengers interested. When asked about his opinion, Annadurai stated that he only thing he aims is the customer satisfaction. He considers what he is doing as a service and not business. He does the job for the sake of providing customer satisfaction. The driver considers his customers as gods and he aims to always give them the satisfaction.

Annadurai earns around Rs. 20,000/- a month and spends about a third of his income on improving his vehicle. Even with such services, Annadurai only charges a standard 25 rupees from passengers. He also provides free travel for teachers because he believes in the power of education. With the money he has saved over time, Annadurai has been paying for the education of seven poor children. By doing such deeds Annadurai has truly earned a reputation for himself internationally.

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