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Freshtohome – fresh meat to your home

Freshtohome – fresh meat to your home

Freshtohome offers delivery of fresh meat directly to your home. Their main aim is to provide best meat, especially fish, at the comfort of home for customers.

Most fish that are sold in markets have the problem of not being fresh, explains the company’s website. It takes several weeks for the big sea trawlers to get their big load of fish from seas. They take more weeks to reach the supplier and then finally to the customer.

During this phase, the fish are preserved in several ways include use of chemicals like ammonia which are dangerous for health.

The main selling point of Freshtohome is that they buy all their meat from providers who do not use such methods. They offer hundred percent guarantee that their meat is not from any harmful growth promoters or hormones.

To show that their meat is better than typical market, the company shows off their natural sized chicken. Their whole chicken is just 1-1.3 kgs after cleaning it.

Those who want to order meat can simply do it from their website. To locations like NCR, they actually send the meat through air travel.

The company charges a delivery charge of ₹50 for any delivery. They currently only deliver in Bangalore, NCR, Trivandrum and Cochin. They are however, looking to expand their services.

Freshtohome – fresh meat to your home

Freshtohome – fresh meat to your home



There is a wide range of products available on the website. They offer cut meat or direct fishes which are not skinned.

The company also claims to have several premium fishes which are caught in the traditional way using hooks. This offers a more authentic meat than typical sea-trawler caught bulk fish.

They also only use ice to travel the fish as they catch only fresh ones. They only buy from country boats and small trawlers who do not spend more than 24 hours to catch fish at a time. This ensures freshness.

Customers have the option to provide cash on delivery as well.

Image Reference: Twitter, Valenti's Market

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