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Dwij makes upcycled jeans bags

Dwij makes upcycled jeans bags

Jeans last for several years. However, many litres of water is essential to make it. Around 946 litres of water is required to grow cotton to make a pair of jeans.

To achieve its faded texture, 42 more litres of water is needed. Considering the consumption of water for making jeans, Soumya Annapurna Kalluri wanted to do something with the used jeans.

A good pair of jeans can last for many years. Yet, users may get bored due to the latest trends. If it is thrown, it increases the landfills as well as wastage of water.

One of the most important qualities of jeans is its sturdiness. Soumya began utilizing jeans and created upcycled bags and other utility items.

Her startup Dwij makes upcycled bags with jeans. Dwij means a new lease on life. Within one of its establishment, Dwij upcycled more than 2,500 jeans.

Soumya is a mechanical engineer. But she quit her job and started Dwij, a social enterprise in 2018.

She started designing utility products rather than wearing items with upcycled jeans as people are skeptical about upcycled products.

Dwij designs fashionable bags. The upcycling process is done in three stages.

The collected jeans would be segregated according to the quality and then industrially cleansed to make sure of their hygiene.

Then the material is cut and tailored as per the designs.

Dwij’s products are unique and exclusive. No two products are identical in color or texture due to sourced material.

They make jewelry with small shreds to avoid wastage of material. It takes around one week on an average to design a product.

Soumya started with ₹6 lakh and a team of five members.

So far, the startup sold 3,000 products. Dwij plans to expand its services by designing school supplies and yoga mats.

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