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Dial4242 – Uber for Ambulance

Dial4242 - Uber for Ambulance

At a time where the intelligence of the world is advancing at a remarkable rate in some areas, it continues to be woefully behind in others. Such is the case for the issue of emergency medical care, specifically in the availability of ambulances.

The process for calling one is excruciatingly arduous, in which one must call either a doctor or a hospital, get help from friends, or use Google, and then wait in silence until the ambulance reaches one’s location.

When Jeetendra Lalwani was often having ambulance issues when his father was ill, he decided that there needed to be a way for efficient and sure ambulance arrival.

Therefore, with his two partners Nilesh Mahambre and Himanshu Sharma, Lalwani decided to co-find the app Dial4242, a system in which a user can easily access the ambulances closest to their location. Customers can book someone who knows this location, receive near-instant confirmation, and know the time in which the ambulance will arrive.

Additionally, since people often take advantage of the helplessness of customers with sharp prices, Dial4242 has established fixed pricing for the first five kilometers, and any additional kilometers calculating the final price. Digital payment options are also integrated within the system.

The launch of the app was supported by a boost from Vrajesh Hirji, a famed Bollywood actor, and has had 1,200 downloads since its launch one month ago. Putting the system of the app to use, the company has already done 300 trips in Mumbai thus far.

They have also received an investment of ₹1 crore, with multiple investors and VCs already discussing spreading the availability of this service to a greater amount of people.

They have gone from two to fifteen employees, and in the future, they want to scale up to 500 rides per month and expansion to four other metros within India in the coming nine months.

Dial4242 - Uber for Ambulance

Dial4242 team

This service is the first of its kind in Mumbai, and is striving to make the ambulance system much quicker and simpler for all.

Image Reference: AmbulanceIndia, YourStory

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