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Curefoods – A cloud kitchen startup

Curefoods – A cloud kitchen startup

Physical distancing became one of the most important aspects to control COVID-19. So, many people stopped going out to eat at eateries. Instead of that, they are opting for home-cooked food. The concept of cloud kitchen is also increasing now.

Curefoods is a network of cloud kitchens. This Mumbai-based startup is the second-largest cloud kitchen entity in the country.

Ankit Nagori, the founder of Cultfit, launched the startup. Ankit is a former Flipkart executive.

Aiming to penetrate the market with digital strategies, Curefoods works on a Thrasio-like model. It acquires cloud kitchen brands in various cities to help them sustain in the industry.

Curefoods recently merged with Maverix to scale up its manufacturing capabilities in the fresh food sector.

The startup had a single brand in 2020 and worked with Eatfit. Eatfit is the anchor brand in the portfolio of the startup. However, later it added YumLane and Aligarh House, with which the startup benefitted more.

As the startup wants to cater to the needs of all people and serve food to all their occasions, it focused on the house of brands model.

Curefoods started acquiring many D2C food brands across the country. Some of the brands acquired by the startup are Juno’s Pizza, Cupcake Noggins, Iceberg organic ice cream, Nomad Pizza, White Kitchen etc. In addition to that, Curefoods also acquired CakeZone, Paratha Box, MasalaBox, Ammi’s Biryani, Olio and Crusto, and Chaat Street in October 2021. With these, the startup acquired 15 brands. It merged with Maverix to adapt marquee brands.

As the startup operates in over 12 cities across the country, its business has grown exponentially. Now, it caters to more than 10 cuisines with its 125 kitchens.

Curefoods raised $62 million last month in a fresh round of funding. Out of this, $52 million was raised in equity funding, and $10 million was debt financing.

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