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CovidSafe identifies people at higher risk

CovidSafe identifies people at higher risk

In the wake of rising COVID-19 cases across the country, several healthcare startups explore ways to combat it and benefit the patients.

Bengaluru-based HealthCube is one such startup. It launched CovidSafe, a COVID-19 risk evaluation tool to identify people who are at higher risk. It is useful for organizations and governments to identify their employees who are at higher risk so that they can get an RT-PCR test done and contain the transmission of the virus. It also helps healthcare providers to know the risk and avoid the spread of infection.

HealthCube is a diagnostic service provider. Dr Ramanan Laxminarayan is the founder of HealthCube. He says that CovidSafe helps evaluate the risk of infection in individuals and identify the people who need early hospitalization. Based on the assessment and severity of infection, organizations can prioritize individuals who need medical attention.

HealthCube was founded in 2015 aiming to provide simple diagnostic solutions. Its portable diagnosis machine is a simple device that can track multiple parameters like vitals, infectious diseases, cardiac markers etc.

Usage of the device is also simple as it collects data that can be accessed through a mobile app and shared with the doctors.

This diagnostic solution helps patients to take tests like antibody test, CRP, D-Dimer test, blood pressure, and pulse oximetry. Apart from that, patients can also identify early COVID-19 symptoms so that they can connect with doctors and avoid severe health consequences.

Many companies like Tech Mahindra, Club Mahindra, Tagros Chemicals, NICSI, and Jubilant FoodWorks are using CovidSafe solution.

HealthCube also launched an initiative, OxygenForIndia, under which it is distributing oxygen cylinders and concentrators. So far, HealthCube raised funds to buy 2,500 oxygen cylinders and concentrators, but it aims to raise $1,200,000 to procure 3,500 oxygen cylinders and 700 concentrators.

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