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Coronavirus Shields from Boson Machines

Coronavirus Shields from Boson Machines

Many countries including India are under lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic. However, essential services are continued in the country. Healthcare providers are one of the most vital in them.

They do not have any chance to follow social distancing. They are attending their duties by risking their lives with personal protective equipment (PPE).

The number of increasing cases are putting pressure on healthcare providers due to lack of enough medical infrastructure.

In this context, Mumbai based startup Boson Machines came up with  coronavirus face shields to healthcare providers.

Founded in 2017, Boson Machines is using 3D printing technology to design protective face shields.

The startup connected with many doctors and experts to help curate their product while designing it.

Arjun, the cofounder of Boson Machines says that the startup can manufacture 500-800 shields per day and it can be increased to 4,000 pieces with the usage of its full capacity.

However, considering the demand, this is not enough as 20,000 face shields are being used by doctors in the country.

The number increases when nurses and paramedical staff are added to it. The requirement for Maharashtra alone is more than four lakhs.

The face shields are priced ₹150 per piece. However, the founders wish to provide them for free to government hospitals. But, they need a lot of funds for this.

Masks are used only once at present to avoid risk. They are thrown in the garbage after the treatment.

The protective gear has been on high demand now throughout the country. Boson Machines is receiving orders even from Jammu and Kashmir. They had to ship 1,800 pieces to Jammu and Kashmir, but they could not do so due to lack of logistics.

The startup has been facing problems in delivery due to logistics during the lockdown. Arjun says he himself has delivered the face shields to local hospitals in Mumbai.

Image Reference: Yourstory

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