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Choix enables you to choose veggies and fruits at your doorstep

Choix enables you to choose veggies and fruits at your doorstep

Now everything can be ordered from home at your convenience. Though many urban customers are aware of the process, a majority of rural people and those who live in smaller towns are not completely familiar with the process.

As a result, most of them prefer to buy in traditional ways. Especially, many people buy fruits and vegetables from pushcart vendors due to ease of shopping and payment.

Among these traditional buyers, some worry about online payments while others doubt the quality of products. They feel the quality of vegetables and fruits can be better known only when they check physically.

To bring unorganized players to the online medium, Choix emerged. This Jaipur-based startup FnV startup helps customers to order the products online and select them at their doorstep.

Choix was founded by Parul Saxena, Vishal Johri, and Rajesh Shringi with an investment of ₹23 lakhs.

Vishal Johri and his wife Parul Saxena had been to many places like the US, Africa, and Singapore. They have vast experience in the telecom domain. The couple along with Vishal’s friend Rajesh decided to launch a startup in their hometown, Jaipur.

Choix emerged from a personal need. Vishal’s mother used to complain to him that the pushcart vendor that sold vegetables was not on time regularly, which made her feel inconvenient. Then Vishal asked her mother to use online platforms, but she refused as she may be missing the feeling of touching vegetables and thereby the quality.

This made the couple to think about launching a startup, Choix. This FnV startup provides convenient, reliable and fast service to its customers.

So far, the mobile tech platform has around 200 customers on board. It serves its customers through WhatsApp and connects them to the surrounding vendors.

Choix is generating around ₹3 lakhs per month at present.

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