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Carmesi – A natural sanitary pad

Carmesi – A natural sanitary pad

Carmesi is a sanitary pad brand founded by Rikshav Borah and Tanvi Johri in November of 2017.

Their pads are natural and biodegradable. The brand’s aim is to make periods a safe time of the month for women to go through.

Samrath Bedi, the Managing Director (MD) of the luxury Ayurvedic beauty brand Forest Essentials, gave Pre-Series A funding of $0.5 million to the new brand Carmesi.

Other investors participated in the funding round as well. These investors include Mahesh Patel, Samir Saran, and Satveer Thakral from the Thakral Group.

Now, their Pre-Series A funding is closed.

Carmesi’s pads are made of bamboo fiber and cornstarch. They are natural, sustainable, and a suitable alternative to chemically-laced synthetic pads.

Carmesi promises women a better experience of their menstrual cycle. They do this through their customized sizes, their tailored delivery, and their very elegant packaging.

Every pad from Carmesi comes with an easy-to-carry, resealable, and biodegradable disposal bag. This allows Carmesi pads to be disposed with ease.

Johri has expressed that they are honored to have Samrath Bedi on board. Since Bedi is the MD of Forest Essentials, he has experience in running a high-end natural retail brand.

Johri said that collaboration with Bedi will help catapult Carmesi’s growth and expansion.

She added that Bedi will help bring some valuable innovation to Carmesi’s products, in order to better connect with their customers.

Bedi himself said that Carmesi is very relevant today, in both the current society and environment.

He also said that there is a gap in the market for female hygiene products that are both safe and environmentally-friendly.

This gap has massive future potential, and Carmesi is willing to capitalize on this potential.

Thanks to Carmesi’s products, women will be able to have a pad option that is safe, natural, and comfortable to use.

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