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Eco-friendly sanitary napkin disposal

Eco-friendly sanitary napkin disposal

Shyamsunder Bedekar has come up with an eco-friendly and easy way to dispose sanitary napkins for women in rural areas. His invention, a low cost sanitary napkin incinerator helps in easy disposal of sanitary napkin for women. Bedekar who hails from Gujarat calls his invention the Ashudhdhinashak. It helped many women to dispose sanitary napkins in an eco-friendly way.

It all stated Bedekar’s wife Swati, used to address the issues related to menstrual hygiene. She used to create enterprises of tribal women to manufacture low cost and reliable sanitary napkins. Even though this helped many women, the issue of disposing these napkins arose. Shyam saw the problem and came up with the idea of low cost incinerator for easy disposal in rural areas which lack garbage collection.

The incinerator works by the woman throwing soiled sanitary napkins into the accumulation chamber. It is not necessary to touch or look inside the chamber. Then it should be ignited by using dry grass or paper to ignite. In the chamber, the sanitary napkin gets burn out and the ash from it is collected at the bottom. It is not necessary to clear the ash. Another benefits of the ash is that it can be used as fertilizer because the burnt material is nothing but wood pulp.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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