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The card game that teaches politics

The card game that teaches politics

Many people have played or heard of the board game Monopoly, in which players engage in a simplified version of the business economy, expanding the reach of their wealth all over the board.

This game has been helpful for children to understand economics at a young age.

When Shobhit Mathur, the Executive Director of the Vision India Foundation (VIF), was playing a game of Monopoly with Sahil Aggarwal, the Director of the VIF, the two of them got an idea.

If there could be a game helping people understand business and economics, then there could also be a game helping people understand politics and elections.

Thus, in June of 2016, Shobhit and Sahil teamed up with three fellow Directors of the VIF: Aman Gupta, Kumar Subham, and Soumya Aggarwal, with whom they created this politics-based game.

The development of this game took a long time, since it was difficult to make rules that were both interesting and simple.

Finally, after a year of hard work, the team presented a card game called Manifesto in December of 2017.

In the game, players become their own political party and contest for elections, form alliances, and win constituencies.

Since it is a card game, it is much more portable than a board game, and it can be played with people anywhere at any time.

Players make plans to win elections in the game, which are affected by the cards that each player has.

Factors that affect the decisions of voters, such as ideology, demography, and religion are also incorporated into the game.

Model Code of Conduct cards and Scam cards bring twists to the game, which causes players to consider their strategies more carefully.

The card game that teaches politics

The card game that teaches politics

Manifesto is now on Amazon, priced at ₹399, and it will also be launched in bookstores soon.

Many people have been buying and enjoying the game, so it appears to be a success.

Manifesto can help people better understand the nature of politics and encourage young people to become better leaders.

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