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Avni offers eco-friendly menstrual products

Avni offers eco-friendly menstrual products

Health-conscious consumers are growing in the country, so are the products. It has been increasing in almost all sectors, including menstrual care.

Considering the adverse effects of disposable sanitary napkins on the environment, many women are opting for eco-friendly products. So, many companies are exploring ways to design innovative and eco-friendly menstrual care products. Avni is one such startup that offers holistic menstrual care solutions.

Sujata Pawar and Apurv Agrawal, a wife and husband duo, founded the startup in 2020. Sujata says that many existing sanitary pads are made of plastic. They contain chemicals. They cause skin irritation and infections if used for a long-time. Hence, Avni wants to offer eco-friendly sanitary pads to women.

This Thane-based startup provides different kinds of cotton disposable pads, organic pads, reusable pads etc.

Avni’s first product is Avni Safepad, which is an organic cotton sanitary pad. It has antimicrobial properties to protect women from infections. Besides, it is reusable for up to three years. The pad has three layers of fabric to offer extra protection.

The startup extended its business later and launched more products. Avni sells cotton disposable pads, Avni Ezeepad, as most women are habituated to using disposable menstrual pads. Avni Ezeepad is made out of cotton; hence it does not cause any irritation.

In addition to menstrual pads, Avni also offers menstrual cups. These pads are made of medical-grade silicone. It provides Green Period Kits to its customers to shift to eco-friendly menstrual care products from plastic pads.

The startup offers customer service round the clock and solves their problems with the products.

The products of Avni are available on its own website and other eCommerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart, 1mg, ThePinkBox etc.

Besides, the startup sells its products in a few retail stores in Tamil Nadu and Hyderabad.

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