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Aromica Tea offers herbal tea

Aromica Tea offers herbal tea

Many Indians are coffee or tea lovers. They start their day with drinking coffee or tea. While India is the second-largest producer of tea globally, it is the largest consumer of tea in the world.

The Eon Market Research (EMR) showed that Indians consumed 1.10 million tons of tea in 2019. It is expected that around 1.4 million tons of tea will be consumed by 2025. It indicates that the tea market has vast growth in the coming years.

Considering the growth and demand in the sector, various startups emerge into the market.

Aromica Tea is one such startup to offer healthy and herbal varieties of tea to customers.

Ranjit and Dolly Sharma Baruah founded it in 2018. The duo of husband and wife has vast experience in the tea industry. While Ranjit has over 20 years of experience in tea tasting and tea plantation, his wife Dolly has around 14 years of experience in this field.

Hence, they launched Aromica Tea. They want to promote wellness and skincare and boost immunity through tea. They target customers of 20 to 65 years, and most of them are women.

Aromica Tea is a Guwahati-based startup. The startup was launched, with five tea blends. Now, it offers around 30 tea blends with different flavours and health benefits.

Aromica Tea’s popular tea blends are tulsi green tea, chamomile tea, saffron tea, yellow tea, blue tea, oolong tea, and turmeric tea. They also offer innovative blends like bhut jolokia tea and Rudraksha Tea.

The founders started Aromica Tea with an initial investment of around ₹l0 Lakh. They sell tea on their website along with other e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Merricart etc. One can place orders on WhatsApp as well.

They ship the products to other cities through courier service for which customers are charged. However, deliveries within Guwahati are free. The tea is available in packs of 50grams and 100 grams. Cost depends on the pack size and blend and varies from ₹250 to ₹600.

The startup has more than 1,100 customers out of which 60 per cent are returning customers.

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