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Agrify Organic Solutions delivers farm-fresh vegetables

Agrify Organic Solutions delivers farm-fresh vegetables

In the scare of COVID-19, lack of food supply is a common fear of several people in the country. This fear created a panic condition among them. Hence, many people are rushing to shops, supermarkets, malls to buy groceries and other essential items like vegetables. They are buying more than they actually require.

As a result, prices of many essential items skyrocketed and no enough stock is available at many malls.

At the same time, storing is a difficult thing for people. Especially, perishable items like vegetables, milk, fruits cannot be stored for a long time and kept fresh.

Agrify Organic Solutions came forward to fill this gap in Mumbai. The Maharashtra state government announced that vegetable markets could remain open to meet the demands.

Agrify Organic Solutions is a Mumbai based startup. It volunteered to home deliver fresh vegetables and fruits round the clock. The stock is procured from 500 farmers in Nashik.

It delivers three types of boxes to customers. The first contains vegetables like tomato, beetroot, ladyfingers, cabbage, carrots, green peas, cucumber, coriander, lemon, onion and potato and fruits such as oranges, papaya, grapes, guava etc. This 11kg box is priced at ₹650.

The second box contains only vegetables which is priced at ₹550 and the third box has all fruits and vegetables except onions and potatoes priced at ₹600.

Agrify Organic Solutions also supplies vegetables and fruits to supermarkets. Urvish Bhaide, one of the three founders of Agrify says that the startup came into the field to balance the demand and supply by connecting rural farmers with urban consumers.

They circulated their message on WhatsApp about their service and asked people to place their orders.

Out of 15,000 inquiries they received, they accepted 10,000 orders, the delivery started from 28 March. Customers will have to pay digitally using Google Pay or Paytm.

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