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Acousterr helps musicians learn music easily

Acousterr helps musicians learn music easily

Playing music comes naturally to some, but it is more difficult for others. Different instruments can also require radically different ways of playing them.

Whereas playing a percussion instrument might require one to have a lot of arm stamina, playing a woodwind instrument requires one to make delicate and precise finger motions at a rapid rate.

Therefore, this can make playing different instruments very difficult to simplify. However, Nischey Grover and Rashmi Chaurasiya have found a way to simplify music by using Deep Learning-based technology. The technology can detect notes and pitches and convert this music into a tablature form.

Using their Deep Learning-based technology, Grover and Chaurasiya founded their startup, Acousterr, in November 2017.

Acousterr is similar to Google Docs and Google Translate, except that it is used to translate music. Users of Acousterr can extract music notes from audio.

Then, they can work on the music in a tablature editor application. Acousterr’s website helps people make their own music.

Users can also keep a tab on the music that they have played on the Acousterr website. Acousterr was selected for a six-month incubation under the Nasscom Warehouse program in March 2018.

The Nasscom Warehouse program aims to facilitate startups by finding the right product-market fit, providing mentorship, and giving co-working space.

Acousterr helps solve a big problem for musicians: finding out how to play a certain song on a different instrument.

Currently, two guitarists named Sagar Roy and Aman Panotra are working with Acousterr by promoting the startup on YouTube. Acousterr’s first goal for the next financial year is to have three million page views per month on their web application.

They also want to focus on user knowledge before they sell their product to global music applications. Acousterr will be incredibly helpful to any musician that wants to adapt a song for a certain instrument or from one instrument to another.

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