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5e Healthcare helps get healthcare facilities in rural areas

5e Healthcare helps get healthcare facilities in rural areas

Many rural areas in the country lack proper healthcare facilities. Several villages do not have access to primary healthcare. Even if they have access to healthcare, villagers have to compromise on the quality of locally available physicians. Besides, they lack diagnostic facilities as well.

The outbreak of COVID-19 made many people in the country know the importance of access to healthcare facilities to everyone. It also highlighted the need for telemedicine and online consultation for manageable health conditions.

To provide healthcare access to people in rural areas and small towns, Sudarsan Parida and Rajesh Gaikwad started 5e Healthcare in 2019.

They commenced the services of 5e Healthcare with an investment of $100,000. Before this venture, the duo founded OneDigitalAd Technologies, an adtech company. They successfully operated the company for some time after which a Germany company acquired it.

5e Healthcare is their second venture. This Bengaluru-headquartered startup has two regional offices in Bhubaneswar and Raipur.

5e Healthcare, a mobile technology platform, offers healthcare services to people through video consultation with doctors. The startup supports only video calls with doctors to provide a clinic-like experience. Patients are not allowed to text via chat or make phone calls.

Patients can record their body vitals like body temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar etc. and upload their medical records using the mobile application of 5e Healthcare. They can show this data to doctors at the time of consultation with their medical history.

In addition to the consultation, 5e Healthcare also offers pathology tests in association with diagnostic labs and sample collection centres. It partnered with many hospitals from Tier I and Tier II regions. Their website has all details like list of doctors, their services, facilities and contact details in times of emergencies.

The startup gets revenue through a percentage from the online consultation fee, diagnostic services, and hospital treatment via their app. It aims to serve at least 100 people a day and provide 90 in-patient treatments in a month.

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