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YouTube – How to know time spent on it

YouTube – How to know time spent on it

YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world. Billions of people access it. It is also one of the most used websites among all age groups.

YouTube is so commonly used that YouTube addiction is a real problem. However, Google wants to help it users with their wellbeing. That is why they launched a Digital WellBeing initiative.

Earlier in May 2018, YouTube launched Take A Break feature. This let users take a break from watching videos at pre-set intervals.

Now the video giant has launched a new update which lets users track the amount of time they are spending on the website watching videos.

Users will have the “Time Watched” feature given to them in detail. One can see how many hours they spent watching videos over the span of seven days.

It also gives information about how long was spent watching videos today, yesterday and over the past 7 days. One can find this information on the account menu of users’ profiles.

Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai talked about the Digital WellBeing initiative at Google I/O.

They wanted to help users track their own digital usage and fight against device addiction.

Many features related to this has been launched. They help users get disconnected from their devices at home.

For Android, features related to Digital WellBeing features are restricted to the latest version Android 9 Pie.

Google also introduced one notification a day feature. This lets the users receive bundled notifications from YouTube at a particular time.

It can also disable sounds and vibration so users can disable sound for their YouTube notification.

Following Google, other tech companies like Apple and Facebook announced that they are working on similar features to help users’ digital health.

Apple announced its Digital Wellness initiative in June this year. As well as Facebook launched Time Management tools on its platform and also on Instagram.

All these help netizens lead a safer lifestyle.

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