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Worship these trees as per your birth star – 2

Worship these trees as per your birth star – 2

In the earlier article, you have known about the trees to be worshipped by the people of the first nine birth stars.

Now, read on the article to learn about the trees to be worshipped by other people.

People born in Magha star should worship Banyan tree or Indian fig. The roots should be kept in the pocket in the day time for good results.

Purva Phalguni birth star’s tree is Ashoka tree. They should circumambulate around the tree and sit under the tree on the day of Purva phalguni nakshatra to get good luck.

Uttara Phalguni people should worship Khejdi or prosopis cineraria. They should offer some sesame seeds and fruits on the roots of this tree for success.

Hasta people should worship Juhi or Jasmine plant. Regular watering of the tree and keeping nine leaves in their puja fetches fortune.

Chitra birth star’s tree is Bel tree. Worshipping this tree helps relieve all diseases.

Swati people should worship Arjun tree to cure all health disorders.

Visakha people should worship Naagkeshar or Ironwood tree by offering some milk on its roots for fruitful results.

People born in Anuradha star should worship Bakul or bullet wood tree to get peace of mind. They should water the plant or sprinkle some milk on its roots.

Jyeshta people should worship neem tree by touching and circumambulating around the tree daily. Offering sesame seeds and sugar on the roots of the tree can fetch good results.

Remember different websites mention different trees for some birth stars. So, consider the tree which you think is easy and convenient to worship it.

The opinions expressed here are not the opinions of the author, but are provided by referring to various websites.

You will know about the trees of remaining birth stars in the next article.

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Image Reference: https://pixabay.com/photos/phoenix-flower-tree-worship-flower-5245876/

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