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WhatsApp Delete Message feature

WhatsApp Delete Message feature

The Social media messaging platform WhatsApp launched many useful features for its users last year.

This year also, WhatsApp is going to launch many such features.

Dark Mode feature, Status Ads and Delete Message features are some of them.

Dark Mode feature has been tested for a long time. Keeping advertisements in the Status bar is another feature which might not be interesting to many users.

However, WhatsApp decided to show ads to users soon.

Another interesting feature is the Delete Message feature.

Currently, WhatsApp users can delete a message if the receiver does not view it. You can click on Delete for Everyone in such case to delete the message.

But, if the receiver views the message, you can delete it for you only.

However, the delete leaves behind “this message has been deleted” message in either case.

WhatsApp intended to bring the new Delete Message feature only for groups but not for private chats. The group administrator can delete a message after a specific period using this feature.

The selected message will be deleted automatically after a stipulated time by not leaving any mark of the deleted message.

Thus, the Delete Message feature will work as a “cleaning tool” for group WhatsApp chats. Hence, group admins can clean and save storage space.

Generally, groups have many messages which occupy a lot of storage space on the phone. This feature enables groups to delete old messages and save storage space. Only group administrators will be able to enable or disable this feature.

The Delete Message feature will have the option of on and off to be used as per the requirement. The group admins will have to select a time frame after which the message will be deleted automatically.

The message once deleted cannot be viewed again as they have no backup left.

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