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WhatsApp Avatar feature

WhatsApp Avatar feature

WhatsApp rolled out the avatar feature for its users. They can create a customized avatar for their profile photo. Or they can choose from the available 36 stickers. These stickers reflect different emotions. Based on their emotion, one can choose their avatar.

You can also choose facial features, hair colour, eye shape, costumes and many more to customize your avatar. You can express yourself with your avatar.

You need to update your WhatsApp application to get the feature. Users, who already have updated the app, can see the feature on WhatsApp.

You can also send your avatar to your friends and family members to share your feelings.

If you want to create your Avatar, you can do it by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open a chat window on WhatsApp and tap on stickers. Android users can find it in the emoji tab beside the GIF.
  • Choose your desired features, like skin tone, hair colour, hairstyle etc., to create your avatar.
  • If you wish to copy your facial features into your avatar, tap the mirror icon, which is on the right side of the screen. It will turn on the front camera. You can see your image in a small box.
  • After adding all your desired features to your avatar, tap on done. Your avatar has been created.

You can also set your avatar as your display picture in the following way:

  • You can find the avatar feature if you open WhatsApp Settings.
  • Tap on an avatar to create or edit a profile photo.
  • Go to settings after creating your avatar.
  • Open your profile picture and tap on edit.
  • You will find ‘Use Avatar’ in the edit section.
  • Select the avatar face and background colour.
  • Then click on Done.

In this way, you can set your avatar as your profile photo.

Image screenshot taken by Author on WhatsApp

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