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Weird smells in your car to take care of

Weird smells in your car to take care of

Using AC in cars is quite common these days.

Many people use car perfumes along with AC to remove bad odors in the cars.

Keeping the car door closed due to not using it often can create bad odor.

You might have observed sickening odors in your car. These bad smells indicate different problems of your car.

Here are some weird smells in your car and the reasons for the smells:

If you find musty smell from the vents as you turn the AC on, then it is the indication of forming mold or mildew in the air-conditioning system. Moisture in the evaporator may become home to the mold. You can run your fan at high speed to dry the evaporator so that mildew can be cleared off. Some other reasons for this smell include clogging in the drain tube and wet carpets due to leakages in the interior.

If your catalytic converter goes bad, it may give a smell similar to rotten egg or sulfur. The underlying cause is that if the car engine system or emission system has problems, it leads to overheating of the converter. As a result, rotten egg smell occurs.

If there is any leakage in the cooling system, it will give a sweet smell or syrupy odor. The leakage may be due to rusted heat exchanger that is normally behind the dashboard. The leak may be in the form of the steam which enters the cabin and can fog the windows.

If you are finding the smell of fuel for a long time in your car, take it seriously. There are many reasons from clogged fuel to leakage in the tank or some other part of the fuel line for this smell.

Burning smell may be due to leakage in the engine or exhaust. Due to aggressive braking, brake pads or rotors may get heated. Worn clutch plate in manual transmission may be another reason. Leaves or some other substances in the engine compartment can also be another reason.

Overheated clutch plate or slippery of a broken pulley is the reason for smell of burning rubber.

Short circuits and overheated components are the reason for smell of burnt toast.

Whatever is the reason, try to figure it out and solve it immediately to protect your car health as well as yours.

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