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Ways to detect hidden spy cameras

Ways to detect hidden spy cameras

Nowadays, the threat of hidden or spy cameras are a big threat especially to girls and women.

These cameras record your activities in a hotel room, trial room or even in a hostel room.

So, beware of these hidden spy cameras, otherwise you may fall prey to the fraudulent activities of the installers or to porn videos.

Here are the ways to detect spy cameras:

  • Any part of the camera may be hidden, but the lens must be visible for its effective function. So, check for camera lens while you are detecting.
  • Mirrors are the most common places where the secret cameras have been installed. Detect for two-way mirrors. Place your fingernail on the mirror and observe the gap between the mirror and your finger. If you find gap between the both, then it is a real mirror. On the other hand, if your finger and the image touch tip to tip, then there might be a hidden camera in the mirror.
  • If you are searching for a hidden camera indoor, then search places including smoke detectors, wall decors, air filters, electrical outlets, books, stuffed animals, table tops, shelves, couch cushions, DVD cases and lava lamps. The spy cameras can be normally installed to the roofs, plants, door holes and doorbells in the outdoor. Hence, monitor them carefully.
  • Check for any suspicious wires, lights and unusual power outlets or adapters.
  • Turn off the light and observe carefully whether there is any blinking or shining visible. This is because most hidden cameras have red or green LEDs.
Ways to detect hidden spy cameras

Ways to detect hidden spy cameras

  • You can also suspect the hidden cameras if your mobile call is frequently dropping as the secret cameras interfere with your call and increase the frequency of call drops. However, not all call drops are an indication for a secret camera. Now, several apps are available to detect the spy cameras. Install a spy hidden camera detecting app on your phone.
  • Several bug detectors are available in the market now. So, buy one effective signal detector or bug detector to find out spy cameras in your room.
  • Turn on the flashlight after turning off lights in your room. Examine carefully around the room for any reflective light from the objects in your room.

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