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A walk by the Waterman of India

A walk by the Waterman of India

Have you heard of the ‘Waterman of India’? Rajendra Singh, also known as ‘Waterman of India’ dedicated his life for the sake of creating awareness about the need to conserve water. He conducted a ‘Global Water Walk for Peace’ in Delhi on Sunday.

The march he conducted was part of the CMS Vatavaran Film Festival. It started in the morning from the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station and ended at the NDMC Convention Centre. That was where the festival was held.

Singh stated that the reason for this march is to spread awareness to people, especially the youth who come to it in the morning. He said that Delhi has a lot of water scarcity and the need for awareness of water conservation is very high.

However, this walk is just a small part of his actual campaign. He is planning to walk across the five continents in the world over five years. He wants to spread awareness all over the world by bringing attention to the issue that is troubling many countries across the globe.

He held his first walk in early 2015 in Stockholm. For his efforts, 56 year old Singh even received this year’s Stockholm water Prize. It is the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in this area.

Singh stated that so far people revived 2.25 lakh wells. He added that water rights should be attained before human rights.

Volunteers from the film festival took part in the march he conducted in Delhi. Many other environmental enthusiasts also joined the march to spread awareness. Many students actively took part in the march and encouraged others just as Singh had hoped. The importance of youth in campaigns like this is very high. In order to spread this across the country, the youth should take charge.

Singh is also known for his work in using cheap and simple ancient techniques for rain water harvesting.

Image Attribution: Mullookkaaran, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Image Reference: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Rajendra_Singh_Large_Image.jpg

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