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What type of person are you?

What type of person are you?

Your blood group tells your personality. Know what your blood group says about you.

If your blood group is A, then you have good strength and control over your feelings. People with A blood group are more organized and try to achieve perfection in their activities. Furthermore, they are responsible, reliable, logical, artistic, kind-hearted and polite. They enjoy mingling with a small group of people rather than big parties. They are sensible and get angry easily if anyone hurts them. Being meticulous, they give their best in their work environment. Since work is their obsession, they are more prone to stress.

People with blood group B are creative, flexible, unique and loving. They have a habit of being self-interested, sometimes irresponsible and are also impatient. They are not interested in depending on anyone and do not bother about the opinions of other people. They enjoy mingling with their friends. Yet, it is difficult to tackle with them since they do not listen to others and are interested to do whatever they want to do. In the work environment also, they do not follow rules. It is very hard to get their cooperation in terms of work as well. However, they aim high and are goal-oriented.

People who have AB blood group have qualities of intelligence, creativity, friendliness, flexibility, motivated, temperament, emotion and are self-centred. They are even philosophical and unpredictable. Due to their thinking capacity, they often show a split personality. They have judgmental capabilities. They work very well with their colleagues. Yet, due to their tendency to become emotional easily, they may not be as productive as expected.

O blood group people are communicative, ambitious, self-confident and leaders. On the other hand, they may have arrogance, insensitivity and may be dramatic. They are believed to be born-leaders due to their manifestation skills. They are worried about their success and interested to take risks since success and work is their obsession. Despite their hard work in achieving their goals, they easily get distracted and lose their interest in the work they are doing. At times, they need guidance and supervision to finish the work they are assigned to.

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