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Travel to these beautiful counties without Visa

Travel to these beautiful counties without Visa

Visa is essential to travel abroad. Indian passport holders should obtain visa to travel to 132 countries as of 2018.

However, Indians can visit 25 countries without a visa, while visit 41 countries on visa on arrival.

Here are some beautiful counties to visit without a travel visa:

Indonesia is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. It hosted various Asian games. It has many islands. Indians can stay in Indonesia up to 30 days.

Maldives is a perfect honeymoon destination. It has several beaches and 26 ring-shaped islands. Indians can stay here for a period of 90 days.

Mauritius has many beautiful beaches and mountains in addition to waterfalls, hiking trails and rainforests. Indians can stay in Mauritius without a travel visa for up to 90 days.

Seychelles is an archipelago comprising of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. It has many spectacular beaches and coral reefs. Pink sand beach is one of the most famous beaches here. Indians can stay here for not exceeding 30 days.

Fiji is an archipelago comprising of more than 300 islands. Its capital, Suva is renowned for superb British colonial architecture. Fiji Islands are popular for crystal-clear lagoons and palm-lined beaches. Indians don’t need a visa to travel to Fiji.

Bhutan is the happiest country of the world. Thimphu, its capital city is known for Buddhist sites. Tashichho Dzong, a huge monastery, government palace which has gold-leafed roofs, the Tiger’s Nest etc. are the most amazing sites here. Indian passport holders don’t need a visa for this country.

Nepal has the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. There are many tourist destinations to visit in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. The Pashupatinath Temple, the Royal Palace, the Durbar Square etc. are some of them. Indians are allowed for visa-free travel to Nepal. They can even work and live there like Nepalese.

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