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Unknown creepy facts about Mount Everest

Unknown creepy facts about Mount Everest

Being the highest mountain on earth, Mount Everest has intrigued people for generations. With its almost complete covering of ice, its deep and deadly crevasses, and the thin air from its high altitude, its fatal nature has only spurred the hearts of those who wish to take up the challenge of climbing its slopes.

Over the years, many have succeeded in reaching the highest of all the world’s summits, while others have met their deaths from its perils.

Thus, a variety of strange and bizarre stories have arisen over the years about this mountain and the experiences of people who have climbed it. These two stories are two of the strangest and most fascinating.

Adventurers of all kinds have been drawn to Everest, and one certainly must have a certain grain of insanity to take on this dangerous climb. However, the oddest of them all was certainly the Englishman Maurice Wilson.

He prepared for the climb back in Britain, and then took a Gypsy Moth plane to the north slope of Everest in 1933.

He crash-landed the plane there and then went on to climb the peak by himself. He apparently died sometime after in his climb, stopped by an ice divider and his lack of any equipment.

However, when his body was found the next year, it was dressed in women’s clothing. It was found afterwards that he was in fact a cross-dresser, with his attire giving another definite factor as to why he did not survive the journey.

The second of these strange stories is one of the first sightings of the Yeti, a famous legendary creature said to have the appearance of a giant white gorilla with immense strength, long claws, and monstrous teeth.

It was first reported by people living in Nepal and Tibet around this mountain, and later sightings continued to crop up from this area.

These include the sighting at 6,000 meters by Eric Shipton in 1951 and the discoveries by Joshua Gates in 2009.

There have even been DNA tests that prove the validity of these reports. However, to this day, no concrete evidence of the Yeti’s existence has been found.

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