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Tips to improve Wi-Fi network in the home

Tips to improve Wi-Fi network in the home

In this era of smartphones, Wi-Fi is very important to function the smartphones and computer.

Though Wi-Fi functions within the boundaries of the home, there might be certain places where your phone does not function. In other words, in certain areas, the Wi-Fi drops to zero. These areas are called dead zones.

The dead zones in your home can be located by walking with your smartphone.

Track your Wi-Fi strength while you are walking around and locate the dead zone where you find the signal drops to zero.

The Wi-Fi Analyzer app can also give you detailed information about the signals.

Here are certain tips to improve your Wi-Fi network in your home:

  • Several Wi-Fi extenders are available in the market to improve the signals. These devices act as an intermediary by accepting the signal from the router and passing it on in the same direction by improving the strength.
  • Check whether your router has an extended antenna. The antenna should be kept in the vertical direction to avoid the blockage of electrical waves inside the routers. The movement of the antenna should be in the progressive direction of signal strength.
  • If your router is located in one corner of your home and the dead zone is found in the opposite, then the distance is the reason for it. Move the router to the middle of the home.
  • Currently, all Wi-Fi routers would automatically switch to the least used Yet, many cheap routers will use the predefined channel.
  • If your router or the hardware related to Wi-Fi is too old, then update to the latest version of hardware by consulting with the manufacturer.
  • A USB adapter is another device to boost the signal strength by capturing even the smallest bandwidths.

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