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Tips to save water

Tips to save water

Water is a precious resource on earth. Yet, due to lack of awareness and negligence, it is being wasted.

It is the responsibility of every person to save water, otherwise, water scarcity leads to severe problems.

Now that summer is here, several areas in India are facing water problems.

Here are some simple ways or tips to save water:

Reuse water wherever it is possible. For example, reuse the water for watering plants in your garden that is used for washing fruits and vegetables.

Reuse collected water from your RO filters to mop the floor. Install a Rain Water Harvesting system and trap water with it. Use it in summer when there is a water shortage.

Prevent water wastage from unnecessary usage. For instance, turn off your tap while brushing or washing your face. Use it only when you need the water. Be conscious while using a tap.

You can use water aerators to prevent water wastage as they save at least 35 per cent of water per minute than normal taps. They dispense less water, so you can minimize water wastage with them.

Choose less water-intensive grains for consumption. For instance, millets and pulses are grown with less water compared to rice and wheat. One kg of rice needs at least 5,000 litres of water whereas millets need roughly 250-300 litres of water.

Opt for smart showering techniques. For instance, rather than using showerheads which consume at least seven litres of water per minute, use a bucket full of water for bathing. It consumes around 12 to 18 litres of water whereas five minutes of shower bath consumes 35 litres of water.

Use the washing machine only when it is fully loaded to save water as well as detergent.

Use eco-friendly products to prevent water contamination.

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